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1984-1987 Cegep Lionel-Groulx , Arts Plastiques
1987-1989. Paul-Émile Dufresne , coiffure
2006 expo Galerie Toque Rouge, Chicoutimi
2006 expo Resto le Comptoir, Montréal, solo
2007 expo Sky club , Montréal
2009 Agora Gallery , NewYork
2009 Art Spectrum volume 20 Magazine interview
2009 Art re-source interview , Sydney Australia
2009 Kitty Lounge , Montreal
2009 Fugues magazine interview
2009 Hi-Class magazine cover
2010 Art-Fusion Gallery , Miami
2010 Hotel Urbano , Miami
2010 Source Paris , Miami
2010 Montreal -Chili , Théatre St-Denis
2010 CBS interview
2010 A.Jain Gallery , NewYork
2010 La Gallery , Montréal
2010 SkyDoll tribute , Montréal
2010 Art Festival Taormina , Sicily 
2010 Café des Arts, LGBT festival , Montréal
2011 L’Art rencontre la Perfection , Mascouche, solo
2011 Auction Breast Cancer 
2011 Fiat event , car print 
2011 Courrier Laval article
2011 Décover Magazine interview
2011 Décover exhibit, Montreal
2011 Galerie Art Toutes Directions , Ste-Hyacinthe
2012 SAT technologie center , DJ Mini , Montréal
2012 Book Cover « Les Papillons de Nuits »par Isabelle Gallant
2012 A.Jain Gallery NewYork
2012 Art Source Magazine, NewYork
2012 Character magazine ,Paris 
2012 Art Festival Beijing , China
2012 Art-Fusion Gallery , Miami
2012 Brigitte Bardot letter 
2012 Galerie Mx , Carrément Rose collectif
2013 Art-Fusion , Miami
2014 Character magazine, Paris
2013 Hi-Class magazine cover 
2013 Porsche Montréal, 911 prints 
2013 Galerie Mx Carrément Rose, second edition
2013 Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh, solo
2013 Taverna 19 ,Pittsburgh
2013 Fondation Brigitte Bardot
2013 Vision Mondiale , encan 
2013 Galerie D , Montréal ,solo
2013 A.Jain Gallery, NewYork
2013 Brigitte Bardot letter
2013 Brigitte Bardot blog
2014 Trash event , Montréal 
2014 A.Jain Gallery NewYork
2014 Café des Arts LGBT festival,Montréal, groupe
2015 Maison Des Soins Palliatifs Laval , encan
2015 Centre sportif MAA , Montréal, soli 
2016 Desjardins , ouverture caisse populaire St-Jérôme, solo
2016 ArtMotion international , Hotel Nelligan , solo
2017 Maison des Soins Palliatifs , Laval , encan 
2018 Galerie Kokë , solo
2018 Maison des Soins Palliatifs , Laval , encan
2019 Gallery Christine Frechard , Pittsburgh
2019 Moulin Marcoux , corporation des lieux Historique , solo
2021 Artfusion Gallery , Miami , Floride
2021 Artfusion Gallery , St-Pete, Floride

Stéphane Pednault, was born in Montreal in 1967, where he grew up in a close-knit family. From an early age he showed an interest in creativity, using his pencils and brushes to have fun and express himself.

In 1984, at the Lionel-Groulx CEGEP, he enrolled without hesitation in the Plastic Arts program. His teachers had good reactions to his creations, pictorial, spatial, he enjoys painting. His brother met a famous painter who influenced Stéphane in his creations.
His future looked promising. His teacher of sculpture and technical drawing, Mrs. Jaffard, who was a friend and model for Picasso, offers him a letter of recommendation to be admitted to the École des Beaux Arts de Paris. 

Stéphane was a bit of a rebellious teenager who was seeking his identity. Fate makes him meet love, with the one who still shares his life, keeping him grounded at home. His teachers, in spite of their disappointments will not find the arguments to convince Stéphane to pursue his dream.

He then turned to hairdressing, a more rational profession, but still creative that allowed him to be in contact with thousands of people, where he developed his sense of beauty and harmony.

After a break of almost 20 years, he started to draw and paint again for his pleasure. It was a revelation, his goal is to transmit an emotion of beauty and sensuality. His style is immediately recognizable, which is rare and difficult to obtain. 

In his Abstract Art he explores with freedom and without constraints, where color and movement are his driving forces.


The constraint of the figurative Art pushes Pednò to explore avenues where the emotion and the gesture are expressed more freely. It is after a long period that he turned to a new abstract style.


Admirer of several painters, Pednò seeks above all to free himself and to personalize his art. The important thing is not to be fashionable but to create fashion, drawing from within himself.


He's exhibited several times in New York, Miami, Pittsburgh and Montreal. He has sold to collectors in Paris, Dubai, Boston, Pittsburgh and San Francisco. 

Stéphane has always painted for pleasure, even if wasn't his career path, his desire for recognition is apparent.


He keeps his desire and passion alive, like he wants to leave a work that is authentic to his emotions.